Football Cops!

Posted: June 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in crime and punishment, Eli, football, NFL, NFL lockout

Peyton: “Guess nobody told him that justice was a team sport.”
Eli: “What does that mean?”

Eli and Peyton Manning took their newfound extra time from the NFL Lockout and put it into a worthy cause: Football Cops, a new TV show on DirecTV. Peyton stars as Mike Tahoe, an orphan who turned his back on a pro football career to be a cop. Eli stars as his biggest rival and fellow orphan, C.J. Hunter, who is the only man brave enough to sweep up crime on the city streets using nothing more than a football. Archie Manning guest-stars as defense attorney and Football Cop nemesis Orlando Midnight.

If this is real, it is going to be awesome and I will probably change my service to DirecTV. Or hopefully it will be on NBC six months later. I would have liked to see more cameos. How about Mike Vick as the bad guy and Ray Lewis as an informant? I WOULD WATCH THIS. The trailer was already better than the entire first season of The Killing. Maybe the lockout isn’t going to be so bad after all.

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