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Posted: July 25, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, NFL, NFL lockout

The player representatives of the 32 teams have unanimously approved the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, along with the owners themselves except for Al Davis (because he’s dead). That means it’s time to get back on the gridiron! Giants-Redskins is 48 days away. The first order of business is to re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw and make sure Osi Umenyiora is happy. Should be interesting but the really good news is that we’re going to see football this fall. AND THE TWINS!


Lockout Professionals

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, NBA lockout, NFL lockout

“Let me help you, frail old man.”

If you have $9 million (and 99ยข) lying around, you can hire Blake Griffin, Kevin “Color Me Badd” Love, Tyson Chandler, Adrian Peterson, or Metta World Peace (who is slowly turning into the the NBA’s version of Gary Busey) to come over and help with some chores. I heard they also have a special deal where you can get LeBron James for three quarters of the price. This video is hilarious. I still wish there was football and basketball but this isn’t too shabby. Football Cops better watch its back. Maybe I can get Michael Vick to walk my dog?

Football Cops!

Posted: June 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in crime and punishment, Eli, football, NFL, NFL lockout

Peyton: “Guess nobody told him that justice was a team sport.”
Eli: “What does that mean?”

Eli and Peyton Manning took their newfound extra time from the NFL Lockout and put it into a worthy cause: Football Cops, a new TV show on DirecTV. Peyton stars as Mike Tahoe, an orphan who turned his back on a pro football career to be a cop. Eli stars as his biggest rival and fellow orphan, C.J. Hunter, who is the only man brave enough to sweep up crime on the city streets using nothing more than a football. Archie Manning guest-stars as defense attorney and Football Cop nemesis Orlando Midnight.

If this is real, it is going to be awesome and I will probably change my service to DirecTV. Or hopefully it will be on NBC six months later. I would have liked to see more cameos. How about Mike Vick as the bad guy and Ray Lewis as an informant? I WOULD WATCH THIS. The trailer was already better than the entire first season of The Killing. Maybe the lockout isn’t going to be so bad after all.

The NFL lockout has affected players in many ways you wouldn’t think about, such as the loss of health insurance. Wide receiver Victor Cruz, the MVP of the Giants’ preseason win over the Jets last year and hopeful contributor to this year’s team, found an easy solution to that problem. The 24-year-old was eligible to go on his mom’s health insurance plan and that’s exactly what he did. While many players are taking a risk in participating in lockout practices with their teammates, Cruz is fully covered.

When I finished college, I was on my parents’ insurance for a bit. I wasn’t, however, an NFL player scoring three touchdowns in a game and putting my body on the line. Cruz has a lot of potential and is coming off a season spent on injured reserve with a hamstring injury. It’s guys like him that have the most to lose in the lockout. The owners need to realize that for every Peyton Manning there’s 10 Victor Cruz’s whose livelihoods and futures are being affected. They’re the ones that really deserve the money, not the owners.

NY Daily News

Coach Eli

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Barred from working out at the team’s training facility until the NFL lockout is over, several Giants players led by Eli Manning have been practicing at Hoboken High School this week. The sessions are focused on passing so Eli and his receivers can remain acclimated with each other and stay in football shape. Kevin Boss, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham have been among the receivers at practice, while David Diehl was there for moral support. Imagine being in class, looking out the window, and seeing a Super Bowl MVP in action. Fucking awesome. Although with Eli in charge, there’s no knowing if kill the carrier or capture the flag will eventually become part of the daily routine. I just hope nobody pees on the street or they may miss the beginning of the season doing community service.

Daily News

>Jabronis of the Week: NFL Owners

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In an unprecedented move, there are 32 Jabronis of the Week. Although the NFL owners and players have agreed to a 7-day extension to resolve their labor issues, the onus of the blame for even reaching this point has to go to the owners. They’re facing a similar problem as a lot of other sports and businesses at this time. They over-expanded and over-fancified their product and now it’s biting them in the ass as the economy struggles.

The only difference is that football is at the height of its popularity, and arguably is the most popular product in the country. It’s not like the NBA having to deal with owners losing $30 million a season. The value of franchises keep going up and up. If more owners planned smartly and made better decisions when it comes to stadiums and PSL’s, they wouldn’t be in this mess. It’s all greed.

We didn’t force the Giants and Jets to build a billion-dollar stadium. We didn’t need club lounges with fireplaces. Loyal customers were pissed about the PSL’s. There’s going to be people willing to shell out big bucks, but as soon as times are tough, they’re gone. Luckily both teams are doing well but the economy really hurt the new stadium. Teams are much more a public service than a private business. It’s not the job of the people to subsidize them.

It’s like the neighborhood bar that gets really popular. Pretty soon you can’t get in unless you’re wearing dress shoes and Bud Lights cost $8. Pretty soon the loyal customers are turned off and would rather stay home. It’s ridiculous that coming off a great season, the owners and players would be willing to go through such negative publicity. There’s a lot at stake: the extended schedule, player safety, retirement benefits. But at the heart of it is all greed. There are some teams that are doing worse than others. If you can’t afford to own a team, then cash out. A ton of billionaires out there would love to own a football team.

Owners, hopefully this ends soon. I’m not against the 18-game schedule like a lot of other people are. If you added an extra bye week or two and an extra playoff team in each conference, shouldn’t the additional revenue cover everything? Maybe that’s a simplified solution. Limit rookie salaries in exchange for a few extra roster spots. That’s what I call compromising. I learned it at business school. There’s so much money at stake. Figure it out. Until then, you’re jabronis, brothers.