California Kids Can Buy Violent Video Games, Justice Is Served

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in law and order, video games

The Supreme Court has rejected a California law that would have banned kids from buying violent video games in a victory for freedom everywhere by a vote of 7-to-2. The Court cited free speech and consumer protection. I’ve been ripping hearts out and decapitating video game characters since I was 8. Me and Scorpion ran shit and I turned out OK. Sort of. Video games have ratings and kids have parents. If a kid can handle a mature video game, it’s fine. If the parents are idiots, then yeah the kid might be fucked up and end up going to Rutgers. Truth is, he’s going to be fucked up whether he’s playing violent video games or not. The kid might as well have a little fun. Last time I checked, California was a mess and the Supreme Court had more important things to think about than video games. Like the BCS. This isn’t communist Sweden. Let the kids have their video games! U!S!A! U!S!A!


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