What Is America’s Greatest Local Commercial?

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in commercials, ridiculous

The Independent Film Channel is looking for the greatest local commercials in its newly launched Local Commercial Awards, or LOCO’s as the cool kids call it. There’s nothing that makes me happier when I’m watching Jersey Shore at 3 in the morning than seeing Dr. Zizmor telling me how he’ll fix my bunions or Keith Hernandez demanding that I give him my gold. LOCO winners earn a digital badge that a company can post on its website. I don’t know what a digital badge is but I bet it would look sexy in The Suite. I should put a commercial on Spike TV that would consist entirely of me dancing to the Thong Song. On second thought, maybe I should put it on Lifetime. For the ladies. As great as that commercial would be, there’s no way anyone is winning a LOCO over this guy. Have fun getting the song out of your head.

Wall St. Journal

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