The Challenge: Rivals Power Rankings WEEK 3

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Keith Stone in MTV, power rankings, The Challenge, TV

The Challenge: Rivals is just too good to not write about every week. The teams of enemies rise and fall on a regular basis and I needed a way to rank them. Not by ability, athleticism, or their chance of victory but by hooking up, fighting, drunkenness and batshit craziness. In this week’s episode, the challenge was legitimately dangerous and there were some gnarly falls. Even more dangerous, however, is the Wes-CT rivalry, which is really starting to heat up.


1. Adam & CT
If somebody says, “I came down for pancakes. CT came down for blood,” you know CT should be at the top of the list. He and Adam also won the challenge for the second consecutive week and are looking like a force to be reckoned with.

2. Kenny & Wes
Wes deserves credit for standing strong with the beast CT. Either that or a visit with a psychiatrist. CT threatened to rip Wes’s face off and Wes responded by calling CT a mongoose. Great insult. I’m going to start using it. Then, Wes threw CT’s mattress off the balcony. There is a chance he is killed in his sleep next week.

3. Mike Mike & Roy Lee
After brutally falling during the challenge and crying/moaning like this lady, Mike Mike didn’t quit and even beat all the black guys in the ensuing swim. These teammates are so close that Mike Mike even asked for Roy Lee to ride in the ambulance with him to the hospital. T.J. was so moved that he started crying.

4. Johnny Bananas & Tyler
Bananas has been flying under the radar this season which is a good thing for him and Tyler has proven that he is tougher than he appears.

5. Brandon & Ty
Let’s just hope that they’re never in another challenge where they have to swim again. Mike Mike beat them after his ribs had a date with Roy Lee’s knee.

6. Evan & Nehemiah
Evan was too scared to jump for the zipline during the challenge. Weak sauce.


1. Evelyn & Paula Walnuts
Ev and Paula won the challenge this week and have a lot of influence amongst the ladies. Seeing Paula succeed in this game is like watching the Jets win the Super Bowl.

2. Katelynn & Sarah
Both are generally well-liked, but Katelynn has proved to be a liabilty in the challenges.

3. Jasmine & Jonna
The rookies dodged getting thrown in The Jungle by being such weak competitors. Not sure how long their strategy is going to work. Jonna loses points for having an out-of-control ‘fro.

4. Cara Maria & Laurel
Laurel is the strongest chick and should dominate every challenge, but she needs to listen to the rules better. This team got very close to being eliminated in The Jungle.

5. Jenn with 2 n’s & Mandi
Mandi wants to be choked out by CT. In future news, Mandi is dead.

ELIMINATED-Camilla & Theresa
After being voted into The Jungle, these geniuses had the brilliant plan of pretending to quit to try to catch Laurel and Cara Maria off guard. It almost worked, but they were sent packing anyway.

  1. johnny says:

    evans, better than brandon and ty combined

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