Who the Fuck Is Casey Anthony?

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Keith Stone in Casey Anthony, crime and punishment

OK, I know who Casey Anthony is. At least from seeing Nancy Grace yell about it on muted TV’s at my gym. Regardless of the outcome of the case, Anthony seems like a horrible person. I won’t dispute this. I just don’t get the public firestorm surrounding the case. A two-year-old child died. I’m sick of seeing her picture while I’m working on my delts. She was a real person. It’s sad, sad stuff, not an episode of Law & Order. Unless you personally knew the Anthony family, why would you be interested in the trial? There are so many terrible things going on in the world. How is this any worse than what happened in Japan? People are camped outside the courthouse and protesting the verdict. News channels are seemingly running a 24-hour cycle of Casey Anthony news. Everyone needs to get on with their own lives. Aubrey O’Day had it right.

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