6-Month, 35,000-Hit Extravaganza Tonight at 6:30!

Posted: July 22, 2011 by Keith Stone in 6-Month 35000-Hit Extravaganza, Kate Upton, Suite

I’m sorry to announce that the 6-Month, 30,000-Hit Extravaganza has been cancelled. That’s because it’s been replaced by the 6-MONTH, 35,000-HIT EXTRAVAGANZA FEATURING KATE UPTON!* Everything is going to be more intense. It’s over 100 degrees outside! That’s all because of the party. Kate Upton* and I are already sitting up in the Suite pregaming for tonight, drinking Trader Joe’s wine and watching Rocky IV. That’s how we do it! See you tonight at 6:30 at Three Sheets.

*Guests subject to change

Rainman Suite 6-Month, 35,000-Hit Extravaganza
Friday, July 22 6:30-10:30
Three Sheets Saloon
134 W. 3rd St., NY, NY

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