Arturas Zuokas For President

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Keith Stone in crime and punishment, politics as usual

Arturas Zoukas, mayor of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, does not like illegally parked cars, so much so that he took to the streets in a tank and crushed one that was parked in a handicapped zone. This is the way government should work. No more debating for months and months about the tiniest details. You get a fucking tank and run over some shit.

Washington would be a much better place if a couple guys like Arturas were in charge. Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on raising the debt ceiling? Boom, their homes get run over with a tank. Politicians are assholes anyway that like to argue instead of getting things done. And when they do get things done, they’re only helping the people that don’t need help. The country almost defaulted because Republicans didn’t want to raise taxes on the rich! That’s crazy! Rich people and corporations say they won’t work as hard if they know their money is going to taxes. Bullshit. They’ll work even harder because they’re greedy motherfuckers and they want more money. Poor Hunter Winchester III will only be able to buy three vacation homes so the US can stay financially stable. Sorry buddy. And if you have a problem with that, it’s the tank for you.

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