Mason Chibnick, Man’s Man

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Keith Stone in chicks, crime and punishment, Man's Man

Deputy Mason Chibnick was transferred from his job at the all-female Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano, FL for fostering what is being called an “orgy-like atmosphere” at the prison. From everything I’ve ever seen about women’s prisons, this is nothing unusual. In fact, I say Dep. Chibnick was not only doing his job but should be honored for doing it very well.

Of course he was watching the inmates performing sex acts on each other. He’s a prison guard. He’s supposed to watch them! It would be a crime against humanity to prevent these lovely ladies from expressing their newfound love for one another with some hot lesbian action.

So what he contacted an inmate after she was released and texted her a picture of his penis next to a toothbrush? That’s a classy move. Dep. Chibnick isn’t just concerned with his inmates when they’re locked up. He wants to make sure they acclimate back to society and maintain proper dental health. Nine out of 10 dentists would agree that Dep. Chibnick, you are a man’s man.

Sun Sentinel

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