WEEK 67 – Scalped

Posted: September 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, Deadskins, football, Giants, NFL

Redskins 28, Giants 14

This game was a disaster from start to finish but it was still fairly evenly matched. The big difference was Eli’s TAINT. The Skins also got a huge advantage on Antrel Rolle’s questionable unnecessary roughness penalty, and converted a 4th down while the Giants failed on theirs. The injuries killed us, especially Justin Tuck’s. Rex Grossman was able to get tons of time with only JPP coming after him. The offensive line wasn’t great, as could be expected, but they will improve. I would’ve liked to see the ball get thrown downfield more. The few times they did, good things happened. Not even so much long bombs, but more in the 20-30 yard range. The running backs looked fairly solid but I would have liked to see Jacobs more.

Overall, a horrible way to start the season. I’m very discouraged. At the same time, the Giants are good at making adjustments, nobody got injured, and the Rams may be even more banged up. Although I still don’t think the Redskins are very good, it was a division game on the road and those are very hard to win. Remember: the last time the Giants lost to the Skins, they were holding up the Lombardi Trophy two months later.

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