Breaking News: Kids Who Drink On Facebook May Drink In Real Life

Posted: October 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in booze, Facebook, the kids

Most studies that researchers do are idiotic. 58% of New Yorkers like the Yankees! Thanks, chief. Now get a real job. But this new study that was released is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. The geniuses over at the University of Wisconsin have deemed that students who had Facebook postings related to alcohol were more likely to be considered “at-risk” for alcoholism. I would tell these researchers to get a life, but what else is there to do in Wisconsin besides drink, eat cheese, and do stupid research studies?

This is the most obvious thing I’ve ever heard in my life. The kid that posts, “Just drank three sixers of Old Style. I’m ready to go to College Gameday and taunt Lee Corso,” might be a bit at-risk. If a kid posts a pic chugging from a bottle of Georgi, he might drink too much. Don’t we all in college? It’s like saying the stripper with the huge implants probably has some daddy issues. We don’t need a researcher to tell us this. So put away your supercomputers, scientists of Wisconsin, don’t judge, and crack open a cold one.

ABC News

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