S.H.I.T.: Browns-Steelers

Posted: December 8, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 NFL Picks, Cleveland Browns, football, NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, S.H.I.T.

The NFL’s Thursday night schedule is the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you like double-digit point spreads and teams that have no shot to make the playoffs. This week is no different as the Browns visit their friends from Pittsburgh in sub-zero conditions. Of course, the question on everybody’s mind is whether the Browns will score any touchdowns this week. If Peyton Hillis doesn’t pull his hamstring getting off the team bus, I don’t think it’s completely out of the question. With that said, factoring in the weather, the Steelers’ inconsistency on offense, and the fact that this is a rivalry game, it should be pretty close. And by close I mean a 12-point Steelers win and a Browns cover. Here’s the rest of the picks for tonight’s game:

Stone: Browns
Slumdeezy: Steelers
Rory: Steelers
DP Animal: Steelers
Phanatic: Steelers

Rory: 106-80
Stone: 106-80
Slumdeezy: 99-87
DP Animal: 91-95
Phanatic: 89-97

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