Trailer Park: The Darkest Hour

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Keith Stone in Happy Holidays, The Darkest Hour, Trailer Park, videos

I was reading with the TV on when this trailer came up. I heard the announcer say, “Survive the holidays,” so I assumed it was for a crappy family holiday comedy starring Tim Allen and Kristin Davis. All of a sudden, people started getting vaporized. I’ve seen the trailer several times now and it doesn’t look like The Darkest Hour has anything to do with the holidays at all. In fact, the plot seems to revolve around people being snapped up by invisible beings. How can you make an entire movie about that? They’re invisible and they turn everybody into dust. If Will Smith isn’t in the movie, I can’t imagine the battle would last very long. I’ll spend my money on New Year’s Eve, thank you very much.

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