Posted: January 19, 2012 by Keith Stone in NFL
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In 2003, the Giants called the retired Trey Junkin at his home a few days before the biggest game of the season. They needed a long snapper. In exchange for around $17,000 and a final chance to win an elusive Super Bowl ring, Junkin suited up against the 49ers in one of the wildest playoff games in NFL history. However, his botched snap on the game-winning field goal in the closing seconds cost the Giants the game and cemented his name in football infamy.

The Daily News caught up with Junkin in Louisiana to see how his life has been since then. Understandably, it’s been rough. Finding a job in football has been difficult, and he still thinks about his moment everyday. Sometimes, it jolts him awake while he’s sleeping. The article is an interesting read and it’s tragic that the play still has such an impact on the guy’s life when he only had a few days to prepare to play in a professional football game. It’s Junkin’s birthday on Sunday, as well as the Giants’ first playoff game in San Francisco since then with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. There’d be no better present than a little closure.

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