Trailer Park: The Devil Inside

Posted: January 19, 2012 by Keith Stone in videos
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Talk about falling off a cliff. Despite a really cool trailer and a strong premise, The Devil Inside had one of the worst endings I can ever remember. SPOILER ALERT: the demon causes our heroes to get into a car accident. When I saw it, the entire theater was genuinely shocked and upset that it was over. It was like the opposite of a night with the MKS. The added kicker was that the movie itself was good, almost too good. It breezed along so quickly nobody was really expecting to see the end credits. It almost seemed like the filmmakers ran out money and decided to just kill everyone with the remaining film they had left. Despite getting a CinemaScore of F (the first of any movie in nearly two years), The Devil Inside still managed to win its opening weekend. Let’s hope the sequel picks up where this one left off.

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