Trailer Park: Bending the Rules

Posted: March 2, 2012 by Keith Stone in videos
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I have a new policy. Anytime WWE Studios releases the trailer of one of its “movies,” it’s going in the Trailer Park faster than you can cook up a batch of crystal meth. Their latest foray into “film making” is Bending the Rules “starring” Edge and Jamie Kennedy. Edge “portrays” Blades who appears to be an easygoing, dimwitted police officer who doesn’t mind bending the rules (get it?) while Kennedy “plays” an uptight, straitlaced lawyer who’s forced to embark on a case with Blades. See how that works. They’re opposites. Honestly, I think Edge has potential but maybe as a secondary character paired with a legit actor who can raise his game. It’s like wrestling. Unfortunately, Jamie Kennedy is the Brooklyn Brawler.

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