Six-Pack Challenge WEEK 8 – A Prayer For LT

Posted: October 28, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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After Lawrence Taylor won his court case this week against the 16-year-old prostitute that accused him of forcing himself on her, he said he wanted to go home and “to concentrate on my own broken life and try to repair that.” Since he retired, he’s been battling his demons with addiction but seemed to have everything under control after taking up golf. Yes, golf. I spoke to a well-known sports memorabilia honcho once who claimed to be good friends with LT and he told me that Taylor channeled his addiction into a passion for golf. It stoked his competitive fire as he played as many rounds a day as he could.

Of course, he fell off the good boy wagon with this latest arrest. It may not be as bad as drugs, but it’s still bad. Regardless of whether he knew the girl was underage, LT put himself in a terrible situation and is lucky to come out of it relatively unscathed. He’s one of the best of all-time on the field. Let’s hope he finds a support system that keeps him out of trouble.

So here’s my plan. Let’s start a company whose sole purpose is to find LT golf partners. I’d pay a couple hundred bucks to play a round with him and I’m sure other people would too. Can you imagine the stories he’d tell out on the links? While we’re at it, this company could find him a more legitimate ladyfriend every once in a while. Seriously, let’s hope he gets better and if you happen to be a friend of Lawrence, PLEASE KEEP HIM BUSY AND PLAY GOLF WITH HIM!!! It’s sad to see legends fall down. Too bad this picks legend has no shot of slowing down. Let’s do it…

Stone: Eagles
The Falcons aren’t as good as their record.

Slumdeezy: Falcons

DRK: Falcons

Rory: Falcons
Who doesn’t love a birdfight? By the way, a “birdfight” is when you take a shot of Wild Turkey and a shot of Grey Goose, and let the birds fight it out in your stomach.  I usually take the Grey Goose shot first, but your mileage may vary.

DP Animal: Falcons

Phanatic: Falcons
But eagles win, Vick will magically have one of his strong games again and live to see another week as a starter.

Stone: Dolphins
The Fins will have their vengeance.

Slumdeezy: Jets

DRK: Dolphins
Tim Tebow gives me bonerz.

Rory: Dolphins
Teams before their bye week are 1-13 against the spread, and the Jets have a bye next week.

DP Animal: Jets
I really have no idea about this game.

Phanatic: Jets
By a TD.

Stone: Redskins

Slumdeezy: Steelers
After getting to see RG3 perform awesomely against my team last week, it’s hard to pick against him, but it’s Pittsburgh at home.

DRK: Steelers

Rory: Redskins
The Redskins nearly beat the Giants last week, and I don’t really like the Steelers.  Plus, as Simmons says, pick the NFC over the AFC (although don’t listen to Simmons for gambling advice).

DP Animal: Redskins
I just don’t think the Steelers are very good.

Phanatic: Steelers
Home field advantage is huge in this one.

Stone: Giants
Eli is king.

Slumdeezy: Giants

DRK: Cowboys

Rory: Giants
I believe this line started with the Cowboys favored.  Regardless, I’m still picking the Giants, but I’m not as confident as I was week 1.

DP Animal: Giants

Phanatic: Giants

Stone: Saints
I’m sure the Broncos will be down 20+ at some point in the game. The question is: can they come back again?

Slumdeezy: Saints
Sure the Broncos will be fresh off the bye, and I actually think they’ll pull it out–just not by a touchdown.

DRK: Saints

Rory: Broncos
Allow me to do the opposite of what I said in Redskins/Steelers pick.

DP Animal: Broncos
The 3-3 record hides the fact that the Broncos have actually played quite well despite a brutal schedule.

Phanatic: Saints

Stone: 49ers
Is it possible for John Skelton to throw six pick-sixes?

Slumdeezy: Cardinals

DRK: 49ers

Rory: Cardinals
These stinkin’ Cardinals games cause my picks record to be terrible.

DP Animal: 49ers

Phanatic: Cardinals
This spread seems unfair for the Cards at home.

Stone: 24-18 (Last night: 4-2)
DP Animal: 21-21 (3-3)
Slumdeezy: 21-21 (4-2)
Rory: 19-23 (3-3)
Phanatic: 18-24 (3-3)
DRK: 15-27 (2-4)

Last week’s picks

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