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Lady Gaga is under fire from Catholic League President Bill Donohue, but not for the reasons you’d think. Gaga’s new single Judas has been hitting airwaves over the past week, in which she proclaims her love for the man who betrayed Jesus. She also dresses like Mary Magdelene in the video. Did I mention that Easter is this Sunday? It’s fair to think that the Church would be furious but Donohue took another approach. He called Gaga “irrelevant” and the song a ploy to distract fans from her lack of talent. I didn’t realize the Catholic League dished out verbal beatdowns but I love it. I haven’t seen anything like this since Jesus started flipping tables over in the temple. If Bill Donohue ever leaves the Catholic League, he has an open invitation to hang out in The Suite. I wonder what the Pope thought about the whole thing. I’m pretty sure he’s more of a Ke$ha fan.

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