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OK, so they’re actually crying about the death of their Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il. I’m not sure if his death will ultimately be a good thing or a bad thing, but 2011 for sure has to be known as the year that some of the worst people on the planet met their end. Life in North Korea must be pretty horrible, almost as bad as an airport right before the holidays. Here’s a profile on what the country is like from the New Yorker a few years back. The craziest part is when Kim Jong-Il kidnapped a movie director so he could make movies in North Korea. That is not the type of person I’d want running my country. He was one hell of a golfer, though. 11 holes-in-one!

Whatcha Looking At?

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in Kim Jong-Il, North Korea, ridiculous

Being Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is hard work. It’s not all dispatching airplanes to China to pick up McDonald’s and watching vintage Swedish porn. The reason that North Korea is one of the best countries to live in is that Kim Jong-Il singlehandedly inspects all means of production, you name it. Giant cucumbers? Check. Umbrellas? No question. Weapons-grade biochemicals? All in day’s work. His exploits are chronicled at Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things. If only Obama took his job as seriously.

Kids in North Korean universities are getting a little break from their studies, 10 months to be in fact. The government has ordered all classes to be cancelled until next April so students can help work on construction projects in preparation for the 100th birthday of the deceased founder of the country, Kim Il-sung. How’s that for bittersweet? You’re eating some government-provided octopus and chilling during your summer break when Mom comes out. She’s like, “I have good news and bad news. School’s cancelled till April (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but you have to pave roads all winter.” I almost think I’d rather just go to school and learn all about the Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il. Eh, maybe not.

In a related story, while I was doing the extensive research for this post like I do for everything in The Suite, I discovered the official website of North Korea. It looks like something I did in seventh grade. How is it that this country has such widespread problems? Check it out.