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Nude Nuns With Big Guns is one of the latest film releases from Camelot Distribution Group, a B-movie company. The movie, about a nun who takes justice into her own hands while presumably naked, will potentially make Camelot a huge windfall. Not from ticket or video sales, but by suing 5,865 people who illegally downloaded the flick. If Camelot fully pursues every lawsuit, Nude Nuns can potentially make them over $850 million off a budget of $85,000. It’s a pretty shiesty move by Camelot, but the strategy is being used more often by small film and porn companies. Imagine being sued for downloading Nude Nuns With Big Guns. How do you explain that one to the wife? Concurrently, Camelot is being sued by its financier after it defaulted on a loan, so its ownership of the film is in doubt and the idiots facing their illegal downloading lawsuits will have a little more time to sweat it out. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this case.