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The Summer Song of 2011

Posted: September 2, 2011 by Keith Stone in music, summer, Summer Song 2011

It’s Labor Day weekend, which is officially the end of summer. I’m bummed out but I’m also excited that we finally get to name the official Rainman Suite Summer Song of 2011. We’ve profiled the nominees throughout the past few months. Here’s a recap:

I individually polled literally thousands and thousands of people to find the true answer. Without further ado, the Rainman Suite Summer Song of 2011 is………………………


Summer TV Preview

Posted: June 23, 2011 by Keith Stone in summer, TV

It’s the first week of summer so it’s time for the 37th Annual Rainman Suite Summer TV Preview. Summer is the dumping ground for some of craziest and most unique shows on the air. And I love it. Here are some shows to be on the lookout for.

Mad Men: The best show on TV. Don Draper is coming off his spontaneous marriage proposal to his secretary and will look to……..wait, what’s that? AMC had a contract dispute with the show’s creator and pushed Mad Men to winter? Noooooooooooo!

Franklin and Bash: With the loss of Mad Men, if there’s a hole in your heart for a show with working professionals that drink and carouse with women, then look no further. Zack Morris and the skater guy from Clueless star as themselves. Wednesdays at 9, TNT