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Who’s the Manley?

Posted: December 9, 2011 by Keith Stone in Leslie David Baker, music, The Office, TV

There’s no question that the man behind Lazy Scranton is behind this. Why else would Michael Scott’s favorite sassy black man, Stanley, be in this wild music video for his new single To Be Simple featuring something called N.U.M.? That’s what I love about actors. You see them on TV or in a movie and you think you totally know them, but they’re actually the exact opposite. Here I thought that Leslie David Baker went home to an episode of Family Matters when he should really be the third guy in LMFAO. The Notorious LDB plays a character with the most monotone voice in the world on TV, so in my book pulling this off makes him the second-greatest actor/singer in history after only one man…

The Office always does a great job with its Halloween episode. From the montage of Dwight’s violent costumes (Pinhead was my favorite) to Creed going as Osama bin Laden, this year was no exception. However, Thursday’s episode was the best, if only for its shots at Chris Bosh. Darryl, Kevin, and Jim dressed the Heat’s Three Best Friends and the only problem was somebody had to get stuck as Bosh.

If you’re keeping track at home, Chris Bosh signed up for a chance to be part of a Championship team. Now they’re making fun of him in primetime. Hope he’s not too sensitive.

>Trivia Time: 2/14/11 Edition

Posted: February 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in The Office, trivia


I love trivia and we need more of it in the Suite. So it’s Trivia Time. Winning answer in the Comments wins the best prize in the world, a post on Rainman Suite. If nobody wins, I will graciously accept the prize like the champion that I am. Here’s the question:

What is the first name of the receptionist on The Office?