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Although I am not a religious man, I am absolutely enthralled when the holiday season kicks off.  While Christmas seems to take over the last few months of the year (I heard holiday music in a fast food restaurant back in September), it is after Thanksgiving when we get to the “money” part of the holiday season.  Gifts are being bought, party arrangements are being made, and the television airwaves are absolutely inundated with jingle bells and ho-ho-hos.

What makes the season truly special is that it honors the past.  Each year, we hear the same songs, watch the same television specials, and use the same old lights to decorate the house.  These traditions help us remember our past while, simultaneously, shaping our future – remember, there’s always someone out there watching Frosty or Rudolph for the first time.

With that in mind, let’s spotlight something that often gets overlooked: perennial Christmas commercials.  While many commercials are aimed to promote something short-term and are easily forgotten, the following commercials have managed to stave off quick extinction to become miniature holiday “classics.”