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I hate to turn this into a fashion and style website, but it looks like Tom Brady had a rough offseason. He and Horseface made an appearance at the Met Gala and his hair is almost as bad as that pass to Welker in Indy. It looks like Ben Stiller jizzed directly in his hair. He’s dating a model and I’m sure they have stylists. Shouldn’t somebody have said, “Yo, Tom, you’re a little uneven with the hair gel?” But since Bieber ditched the Bieber haircut, I guess Tommy Boy needed a new ‘do. Let’s hope this one lasts until the regular season. And I’m sure Pats fans are thrilled with their QB going to one of the biggest parties of the year in New York.

Not His Best Joint

Posted: May 8, 2012 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA
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Does anyone know why Spike Lee is dressed like Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat had a black baby with Diane Keaton? Stick to the Landry Fields jersey, Spike.

After Sunday’s shocking playoff loss to the Broncos, Ben Roethlisberger showed up to his press conference dressed like a Dick Tracy character. As if he wasn’t douchey enough. Nothing says “I love raping drunk college girls” than a fly fedora. It’s a nice touch with the bloated face and unshaven beard. All that’s missing is a Human Breathalyzer T-shirt with an arrow pointing to his dick. You just lost a playoff game that you were a touchdown-favorite in, bro. Ditch the outfit. Or at least go with something a little more classy like the Eli Manning middle school photo day look.