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I’ve never driven a boat before, so maybe I’m not the person to talk. But if I was sailing with a giant crane loaded up on my ship and I was about to go under a bridge, much less one of the most historical bridges in the world, I’d probably measure to see if it was going to fit. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen last night and a crane that was being towed on a barge plowed into a scaffolding under the Brooklyn Bridge. No one was hurt and experts say there was no structural damage to the bridge, but there’s a giant hole in scaffold that was being used to paint the bridge. What a boneheaded move. Who the fuck is sailing the boat? Mr. Bean? Even a little kid pulling a wheelbarrow knows better than to stack things too high. Now it looks like Cloverfield is running amok in Lower Manhattan. Of course, the ship kept sailing and investigators are trying to get more information about what happened. Someone is about to get charged with a hit-and-sail.

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Chicks of A Feather…

Posted: February 12, 2012 by Keith Stone in chicks
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Ever want to fuck a Muppet? I know I have! Apparently, the new trend among the ladies is to get waxed and have a “pubic wig” made of wacky-colored fox fur installed down there. Of course, it costs $225. I know chicks generally like to blow their money on idiotic things like designer handbags and shoes, but this might be a new low. What guy is going to going to want to see Liberace’s quill above their girl’s box when they’re getting ready to bang? It’s already bad enough going downtown, now we have to worry about feathers. Good rule of thumb: keep it clean, ladies.


Christie Carr is like any other pet owner. She loves her Irwin, takes care of him, and makes sure he’s kept warm and fashionable. There’s only one problem. Irwin is a partially-paralyzed kangaroo and Carr lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, not Australia. Carr claims that Irwin helps with her depression and is upset that local officials are harassing her about filling out the proper paperwork to keep Irwin in captivity. So naturally she’s moving two hours away to her parents’ house because she doesn’t want to fill out a few forms. As if having your daughter moving back in isn’t bad enough, I’m sure her parents are thrilled about the pet kangaroo chilling around their house too. And yes, Irwin gets dressed up every time he goes out. Why wouldn’t he? It’s not like he’s a wild animal or anything. If pet owners that dress their animals up are obnoxious, this one takes the cake.

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