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Bill Clinton still has it. The former President and Baller-in-Chief was in Monte Carlo recently for a Nights in Monaco-themed fundraiser when a few ladies wanted to have their pictures taken. Being the diplomat that he is, Clinton graciously accepted. Little did he know (or let’s face it, he probably did) that these two lovelies are the porn stars Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee. In my exhaustive research into their backgrounds, I discovered absolutely nothing new but am absolutely exhausted. Now I know what the Secret Service goes through.

Check out Billy’s left hand sneaking down to Brooklyn’s ass. Somebody wanted a little Gowanus. We can assume that the trio exchanged tales deep into the night about dealings with Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Marcus, Yasir Arafat, Peter North, Boris Yeltzin, and Lexington Steele. Billy Zane was also reportedly at the party. Nobody took any pictures with him.

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