>The Best Snowshovelers Ever

Posted: January 13, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Everyone always says that New Yorkers are mean and selfish.  Here’s a heartwarming story that proves that it’s not true.  The strippers of the Cheetah Club (I’m a regular there—hi, Sapphire!) got together and cleaned off the sidewalks in Times Square today to make things safe for children and handicapped people.  These ladies were obviously disgusted by Mayor Bloomberg’s incompetence during the Christmas blizzard and took matters into their own hands.  That’s how we are as New Yorkers.  We’re tough, we’re proactive, we’re compassionate.  Normally, the guys that do my parents’ driveway don’t even speak English.  Now, I’m not saying these women do know how to speak English, but I know that I just love their gigantic, jiggly hearts.

Dealbreaker [NSFW!]

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