Somebody Needs To Ban Queen James From Twitter

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, Queen James, Twitter

I don’t even know who this shirt insults more. Are the people of Akron supposed to be pumped that LeBron is using the Heat logo? And why would Heat fans want to be associated with Akron? Akron and the Miami Heat are perhaps the two most unrelated entities in the universe. It’s like ice cream and pickles. Or LeBron and clutch play. Oh, snap. Seriously, though, what’s the point of the shirt and then posting the picture on Twitter? I honestly feel like LeBron isn’t intentionally trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but I would still be pissed about it if I was from Northeast Ohio. If you break up with your girlfriend and she still invites you to her birthday party because she wants to be cordial, you don’t bring your new supermodel girlfriend. LeBron is such a dolt.

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