Are You Kidding Me?

Posted: August 30, 2011 by Keith Stone in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jersey Shore, MTV, TV

So after all the hype and buildup for the Situation/Ronnie fight and seeing Sitch get taken off a stretcher with all the girls crying, it turns out he banged his own head on the wall? I was expecting a Ronnie one shot, not dancing with the guidos. I seriously thought Ronnie was going to snap the Situation’s neck in half. I hate Sammi Sweetheart and I hate Conservative Ronnie. I can’t believe that MTV actually split the “fight” into two episodes. Bastards.

On the other hand, Larry David knocked it out of the park on Sunday. One-armed man. Racist judge. Two-piece skis. This is the Summer of Larry David. First, he’s chilling with Woody Harrelson at Yanks-Sox and now he’s just dominating New York on Curb. This is like the third episode in a row that I said to myself, “There’s no way this season could get any funnier,” and then the next episode comes around and he proves me wrong. I also think the car periscope is a mighty fine invention.

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