Shoulda Flown Southwest

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Keith Stone in news
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If you’ve traveled recently, you know what a pain in the ass it is. Security checks, baggage fees, whiny children. Well, here’s a couple that knows how to fly. An Egyptian mother and father tried sneaking their infant child through airport security to get into the United Arab Emirates by putting the kid in their carry-on luggage. Only when their package was discovered by an X-ray machine was the parents’ dumbass scheme revealed. Of course, putting  a child in front of that much radiation in close proximity is not a good thing. It’s OK for your laptop, not for an infant.

Who the fuck tries sneaking a baby through security? I know Mom and Pops were probably excited to get away from the pyramids for a nice little weekend in Dubai but is it really worth giving your kid leukemia? Apparently, the lil’ tyke didn’t have any documentation. How hard is it getting a child a passport? I know it’s the Middle East but unless his name is Osama bin-Suicidebomber, I’m pretty sure he should be good to go. And the airport security people might seem like idiots but they always seem to catch me if I bring too much sunscreen in my carry-on. I’m pretty sure they would notice A FUCKING LIVING HUMAN BEING.

Washington Post

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