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This has to be one of the most spectacular wrestling matches of all-time, with a finish for the ages. I didn’t even know it existed until like a week ago. Two future Hall of Famers fighting in the middle of Penn Station on the short-lived Shotgun Saturday Night. Of course I didn’t see it. It was on Channel 55. The Undertaker’s entrance down the escalator and through the crowd was awesome but I was a little disappointed he didn’t make the lights go off. Imagine rushing to take the LIRR home and bumping into the Undertaker. That’s a scary commute.

Trailer Park: Inside Out

Posted: September 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in Inside Out, Trailer Park, Triple H, videos, wrestling, WWF

Triple H and Michael Rapaport playing brothers who get wrapped up in a robbery gone wrong? Sign me up! Just check out the star power in this one. Parker Posey! Bruce Dern! It’s like the Philadelphia Eagles of movies. Triple H should go ahead and quit as COO of the WWF and move into movies full-time. I don’t get why CM Punk always makes fun of his acting. He’s like Bobby DeNiro and Lou Ferrigno wrapped up into one.


All good things must come to an end. With Wrestlemania coming up this week, it seems like an appropriate time to end our wildly popular Wrestling Video of the Week segment. Our final video may be one of the wildest. Minutes away from her marriage with Test, Stephanie McMahon finds out that she secretly wed Triple H at a drive-in in Vegas Timofey Mozgov-style while she was unconscious. As if that wasn’t enough, Hunter asks Vince how many times he thinks he raped Stephanie while she was passed out. Definitely not one of the most tasteful storylines in history. With that said, I loved it.