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This has to be one of the most spectacular wrestling matches of all-time, with a finish for the ages. I didn’t even know it existed until like a week ago. Two future Hall of Famers fighting in the middle of Penn Station on the short-lived Shotgun Saturday Night. Of course I didn’t see it. It was on Channel 55. The Undertaker’s entrance down the escalator and through the crowd was awesome but I was a little disappointed he didn’t make the lights go off. Imagine rushing to take the LIRR home and bumping into the Undertaker. That’s a scary commute.

Here’s a promo featuring six of the weirdest characters in wrestling history. The Berzerker, who used to be known as the Viking and still looks and acts like a viking, and Papa Shango, who would go on to be the greatest pimp in wrestling history, are somehow buddies being managed by Mr. Fuji. Fuji, in his stereotypical tuxedo, finds the affair so entertaining that he can’t help but laugh maniacally the entire time. If that’s not enough, you have the absolutely insane Ultimate Warrior growling and making faces being paired up with the Undertaker while Paul Bearer looms ominously. If anyone can figure out what anyone is saying in this, lemme know.


The Undertaker made his long-awaited return yesterday after being, um, poisoned by his brother, Kane. My favorite Undertaker match is a classic from Summerslam 1994: Undertaker vs. Undertaker. I’ll give you one guess who wins.