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It’s such a surprise that things didn’t work out for WCW, especially when they came up with brilliant ideas like the Ultimate Warrior appearing in Hulk Hogan’s dressing room mirror. Hogan and the Warrior were feuding (what year is this, 1991?) and the Warrior got in Hogan’s mind, to say the least. Was it real? Was it all a figment of Hogan’s imagination? How come Bobby the Brain saw the Warrior but Bischoff couldn’t? Oh, WCW, I miss you.

Here’s a promo featuring six of the weirdest characters in wrestling history. The Berzerker, who used to be known as the Viking and still looks and acts like a viking, and Papa Shango, who would go on to be the greatest pimp in wrestling history, are somehow buddies being managed by Mr. Fuji. Fuji, in his stereotypical tuxedo, finds the affair so entertaining that he can’t help but laugh maniacally the entire time. If that’s not enough, you have the absolutely insane Ultimate Warrior growling and making faces being paired up with the Undertaker while Paul Bearer looms ominously. If anyone can figure out what anyone is saying in this, lemme know.

“The positive light of the training, the prayers, and the vitamins will prove at Wrestlemania VI that Hulkamania is still the strongest force in the universe.”

Remember the gold old days? When contract signings were done in board rooms instead of in the middle of the ring and ended with a face-off instead of somebody getting hit with the table? WWF President Jack Tunney masterfully presided over the contract signing for the main event at Wrestlemania VI between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. It’s a good thing both parties got dressed up for the occasion and had their lawyers take a look at the contract beforehand. I especially like Warrior’s leather jacket and face paint ensemble. Could there be a worse job in the world than being his lawyer? I don’t think so.