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WEEK 6 Picks: Be Like Snooki

Posted: October 16, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 NFL Picks, football, NFL, Snooki

Snooki has singlehandedly saved Jersey Shore with an MVP season equivalent to Tom Brady’s 50 touchdown season in 2007. With Ronnie and Sammi behaving, Snooki has captured the imagination by getting drunk at 10 in the morning, falling, flashing her cuca to anyone within a 10-feet radius, throwing wine bottles at the Situation, falling, getting thrown of clubs, smooshing Vinny, and falling. It took a few weeks to get Snooks warmed up in Firenze; ultimately, the arrival of her boyfriend Jionni sent her over the edge. You knew she was going to act like a drunk whore, but you can’t ever really predict the way a drunk whore will act.

That’s where we are with our lines. We know who’s good and who’s bad but still you can never really predict the outcome. Seahawks smooshing the Giants? Total drunk whore game. Vikings and Donovan McNabb running the Cards out of town? Drunk whore move. You can’t prepare for it much like you’ll never pick all these games correctly. You just gotta sit back, do your best, and enjoy the cuca.

Stone: Packers

Slumdeezy: Packers
Seems like the easiest week in while. And that’s precisely why I’m going to do terribly.

Rory: Packers
What has 108 legs and sucks?  The Rams!

DP Animal: Packers
Thankfully for St. Louis fans, the Cardinals-Brewers game later that day should be a bit more competitive.

Phanatic: Rams

Stone: Jaguars

Slumdeezy: Steelers

Rory: Steelers
One of these high spread teams will not cover.  I’ll pick against both just to be safe.

DP Animal: Steelers

Phanatic: Steelers
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow


Mona Snooki

Posted: June 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in caption, Jersey Shore, Snooki, TV

Snooki was apparently in a car accident with her police escort in Italy. [insert caption here]