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Jabroni of the Week: Vegetarians

Posted: November 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in jabronis, Thanksgiving, vegetarians

Seriously, how can you do it? What’s the point? Until next Thanksgiving, you’re a jabroni, brother.

Trailer Park: Thanksgiving

Posted: November 26, 2011 by Keith Stone in Grindhouse, Thanksgiving, Trailer Park, videos

White meat. Dark meat. All will be carved.

When Eli Roth was young, he and his friend (the killer pilgrim) would joke around about the non-existent Thanksgiving horror movie that needed to be made on the heels of every other slasher film that took place on a holiday. That never happened but at we least we got the trailer for Thanksgiving out of it, which he directed as part of Grindhouse. This movie NEEDS to be made. I would see it like eight times for the trampoline scene alone. If the studios keep rolling out garbage like Jack and Jill, the least they can give us is Thanksgiving.

S.H.I.T.: Thanksgiving

Posted: November 24, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 NFL Picks, football, NFL, S.H.I.T., Thanksgiving

It Turkey Day. Time for stuffing your face and ignoring Grandma while you watch football. This year, I’m thankful we actually have three good games. I can’t remember the last time we even had a decent one. With our luck, they’ll all be blowouts. At least you’ll have more time for Grandma. Picks!

Stone: Lions
Slumdeezy: Packers
Rory: Lions
DP Animal: Packers
Phanatic: Lions

Stone: Dolphins
Slumdeezy: Cowboys
Rory: Dolphins
DP Animal: Dolphins

49ERS AT RAVENS (-2.5)
Stone: Ravens
Slumdeezy: Ravens
Rory: 49ers
DP Animal: Ravens
Phanatic: Ravens

Rory: 88-67 (Last week: 7-6)
Stone: 85-70 (3-10)
Slumdeezy: 84-71 (9-4)
DP Animal: 76-79 (8-5)
Phanatic: 75-80 (8-5)

Trivia Time: Turkey Edition

Posted: November 22, 2011 by Keith Stone in Thanksgiving, trivia

It took the Pilgrims 66 days to sail on the Mayflower from England to the New World. They intended to go to the area near Manhattan but ended up near Boston. Poor souls. What a lot of people don’t know is that the voyage was originally intended to be made with two ships, but problems with the second one forced the Pilgrims to use only one. Historians now believe that crew members actually sabotaged the second ship so they wouldn’t have to make the trip. Hey, I’d do that too if I had to sail to Boston. That brings us to our Question of the Week. Get it right and I’ll make you a turkey sandwich. The answer, as always, is after the jump.

What was the name of the second ship the Pilgrims intended to take to the New World? (and a hint: it was not the Titanic)


Gobble Gobble

Posted: November 22, 2011 by Keith Stone in Staten Island, Thanksgiving

It’s good news and bad news for Staten Islanders as Thanksgiving approaches. The bad news is that wild turkeys are taking over the streets. The good news is that there’s no need to go to the supermarket to pick up the main course. Apparently, a local mental patient freed her nine pet turkeys over a decade ago. Now residents say the turkeys have multiplied into the thousands, leaving lawns covered in poop and people afraid to leave their homes.

The turkeys are protected by city law so hunting them is illegal. It really would work out but then you open up Pandora’s box for Chinese restaurants serving cats and dogs. Genius state officials are surveying locals to try to find the best solution, which means the problem will be solved in about 22 years. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, let’s see, shall we? What’s a way to get rid of turkeys the week before everyone eats turkey? Beats me! Only in Staten Island can you celebrate Thanksgiving with turkeys flying around on your front lawn. Thanks crazy lady!

NY Daily News