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Coach Stone?

Posted: November 16, 2011 by Keith Stone in awesome, basketball, NBA lockout, strippers

Strippers are magnanimous. They’re always there to cheer you up, lend you an ear to talk to, or even help keep the sidewalks clean, but now this is just too much. These Mother Teresas of the pole are going to make us forget about the NBA lockout. The ladies of Rick’s are starting their own basketball league with 11 teams representing every city where Rick’s is based out of.

As a magnanimous individual myself, I want to offer my services to the New York squad in any way possible. It’s always been my dream to roam the sidelines like Jeff Van Gundy (with hair). Now obviously, I’m not as qualified a coaching candidate as Dennis Rodman or Stephen Jackson, but I have heart, dammit. Either that or towel boy. I would definitely be a great towel boy. Even cheering on the girls from the stands would be enough for me, as long as we beat Tootsie’s in Miami.

Total Pro Sports

America’s New Favorite Game

Posted: October 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in awesome, Brooklyn, hipsters, trick or treat

If you’re like me and you hate hipsters but love Halloween, there’s a great new website out there for you. It’s Halloween or Williamsburg, which may be my favorite game since Guess Her Muff [NSFW]. It’s damn hard to tell a hipster apart from somebody that’s overdoing it with their costume, but let’s play a little practice game. Pretend I’m Chuck Woolery from Love Connection.

“Did you say Halloween costume? Oooooooooooh, I’m sorry this hipster works at Foot Locker. Yes, at Foot Lockers in Williamsburg the referee shirts are colored like a rainbow and employees are also required to wear a vest and spandex combo.”

“If you said Williamsburg…………’re right! This young man is returning from visiting his mother in the hospital.”

“And finally, for the grand prize of a year’s supply of skinny jeans from American Apparel, if you said Williamsburg, I’m sorry. Sorry that you’re going to have more skinny jeans than you’re going to know what to do with! Of course, you could always turn the jeans into an art project decrying the gentrification of America!

This gentleman is about to take a very lucky lady out on a first date. Bet he at least gets to second base! Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of  that brilliant mustache? That’s all for today! Join us next time on………………………..Halloween or Williamsburg!”

Fuck. Yes.

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Keith Stone in awesome, Hot Wheels

I never thought I’d see anything cooler than a domino rally, but I was wrong.

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

Posted: August 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in awesome, bOObs

This is apparently Breastfeeding Week. I didn’t know until now but I’m not wasting any more time to celebrate. It’s is a special week, a time to be with your sweetheart and suck on her big old titties. Here’s something to enjoy in the meantime.

United Arab Emirates national soccer team member Theyab Awana made an sweet reverse penalty kick in a friendly against Lebanon on Sunday. It’s too bad the U.S. Women didn’t try the move out. Sure, it wasn’t sportsmanlike since his team was up 5-2 but Awana probably hooked up with at least 40 virgins after the game. Knowing the way it works out in the Middle East, though, maybe this is the last thing we need. In fact, if I remember my history right, the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates back to a soccer game played in 1948. Horrible effort by the goalie as well. Lieutenant Dan could’ve stopped that shot. When World War III starts, I’m blaming him.

>NBA’s 65 Greatest Shots

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in awesome, basketball


Like Dani said, if you don’t have a valentine, you gotta care of yourself. Watching the 65 greatest shots in basketball history definitely helps. Hoopism put together the collection and it is amazing. Each shot is diagrammed on the court below the video. I spent about 45 minutes clicking around. Might I recommend the 4-point play? Enjoy!


When I first saw the trailer for Just Go With It, the first thing that popped into my head after “What the fuck happened to Adam Sandler’s career?” was “Who is the chick in the yellow bikini?” It turns out it’s Brooklyn Decker, one of my favorites. I saw more and more trailers and I swear that the movie looked better and better each time. Now, I have Just Go With It as my early favorite for Best Picture for the 2012 Oscars. I blame the yellow bikini. Jen Aniston is nice in her own right but Brooklyn Decker blows her off the screen. Nicole Kidman is apparently in the movie (why?) and she will blown off screen by Brooklyn Decker. Brooklyn Decker is like an unstoppable asteroid but instead of destroying Earth, she destroys other chicks’ self-esteems. Can you imagine Jen sitting on set reading In Touch about how Brad and Angelina adopted another African kid and all of a sudden Brooklyn Decker shows up with those majestic 23-year-old tits? Must’ve been a busy week for Jen Aniston’s shrink. The only bad thing about Brooklyn Decker is that she’s married to that frat boy tennis player Andy Roddick. It’s just like college. Brooklyn Decker is too good for him and she’s too good for only one exclamation. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum!