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The hair. The prayers. The UGG’s. You’re going down, babe. Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.


As if we needed another reason to prove that New York is better than Boston, this makes it crystal clear. Gronk might sit out of the game just because his rap is such a travesty. I’m seriously surprised John Cena wasn’t involved.  And what’s up with the sledgehammer smashing a clock? What does that have to do with football?

This is how you do it, my friends.

It’s like Bill Parcells said, “If you can’t get ready to play this game, you oughta take a hike.” The Giants and Pats are ready. These are two great teams about to play for perhaps the highest stakes there’s ever been. It’s the Rematch of the Century for a reason. A Patriots win eases the pain of Super Bowl XLII, while a Giants win vindicates the 2007 World Title. Brady and Belichick enter the Greatest of All-Time discussion with a fourth Championship, while another Lombardi Trophy make Eli and Coughlin Hall of Famers and the best quarterback and coach in New York football history. Hell, Eli would even have to be mentioned when you’re talking about Ruth, Messier, Mantle, Reed, DiMaggio, Clyde, and Gehrig. Past, present, future. Nothing will be the same after February 5th.


Stone’s Take: I am going to have a heart attack. There’s no way this game doesn’t come down to the final minutes. Both teams are flawed but both teams are also excellent at certain facets of the game. The Giants went into Foxboro in WEEK 9 and closed out the Pats twice without Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks. In my eyes, it was their best game of the year. The Giants have played their best all season when they are challenged. While they may have strayed a bit from their “Talk is cheap, play the game” mantra and exerted supreme confidence, I don’t get the feeling that they think this is a done deal. Led by Eli Manning, the entire team appears extremely focused. If they play with the confidence they’ve been speaking of, the NYPD better start barricading the Canyon of Heroes. Prediction: Giants 28, Patriots 21

Rory’s Take:

I’m going with Plaxico on this.  I feel stupid confident about this game.  And, to be fair, the games this season I’ve felt stupid confident about were the Seahawks game, the home game against the Eagles, and the home game against the Redskins.  So my confidence is making me nervous.  Go figure.  What I love about this game is that, even if the Giants lose, the “series” is still 1-1.  And you know what that means?  Giants-Patriots, 2014, in the new Giants stadium.  Awesomeness.  Prediction: Giants 21, Patriots 17

(Speaking of the Super Bowl, read my awesome review of Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIII).

Stone: 7-3 (Last week: 2-0)
Rory: 6-4 (1-1)

Last week’s picks

In Boston, kids this age can barely count to 10 and my little buddy knows the entire Giants roster from Eli Manning to Jerrel Jernigan. Heck, Rob Gronkowski can barely count to 10. Throw this on top of the long list of reasons why New York fans are better than their counterparts in Beantown. At the Super Bowl, Pats fans are going to be so busy figuring out how many yards they need for a first down, they won’t even realize Tommy Brady got sacked again.

And I’m sure this kid’s dad didn’t force Junior to memorize everything against his will or anything like that…

Kate Mara is the princess of the Mara football dynasty. Her big moment came in 2005 when she sang the national anthem at the game after her grandfather, Wellington, died. She nailed it and the Giants went on to win 36-0. By all accounts, she a legit fan. I would be too if my great-grandfather founded the team. Kate’s a pretty good actress as well. She was solid on Entourage and great on American Horror Story playing a jilted mistress in both real life and the afterlife. People may fawn over little sister, Rooney, but I’d want Kate as the tight end of my team. Is there any way she can do the anthem on Sunday? Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Sister Groupie

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Everyone knows that one of the perks of being a football player is the ladies. Well, Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich met a special one indeed. Over the years, Herzlich has developed an unlikely bond with a 70-year-old nun in Indiana after she read about his battle with cancer while at Boston College. It’s an incredible story featured in the Daily News and definitely worth a read.

Marisol Gonzalez is a Spanish TV “sports reporter” who was at Super Bowl Media Day to ask players silly questions and make them do silly things. On a serious note, do you see what she’s wearing? How is either team supposed to concentrate with that ass in their face? It’s so big you can literally play the Super Bowl on her ass. She makes Kevin Boothe’s ass look tiny in comparison. Even Bill Belichick must’ve lost his concentration for a minute. That, mis amigos, is what we call a certified, grade-A culo. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum!