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I must say, I have recently become a huge Bachelorette fan.  It is something my girlfriend got me into, and it simultaneously makes me laugh, makes me cringe, and makes me pause the television and go on extended rants.  While I watch it with my girlfriend, I believe this show should be required viewing for all single straight men.  Basically, every single man needs to find a competitive edge over their fellow single men.  Watching the Bachlorette takes very little effort – it takes two hours a week, and you barely have to pay attention.  You can do chores around the house, work out, or even write a blog post while watching it and not miss much.  By doing this, however, you will gain a competitive edge in the dating scene – you will be able to talk to women about the Bachelorette.  Now, I’ve heard the objections, such as “Won’t women find me less manly if I admit to watching the Bachelorette?”  Well, if a woman came up to you and started talking football, would you be turned off because she was less “woman-ly”?  Of course not!  There’s nothing hotter than a woman who knows her sports.  Not every woman will watch the Bachelorette, but it is a small investment with a potentially huge payout.

Anyway, how did the Bachelorette find itself in the Atlantic City Diary?  Well, the episode this week sent the Bachelorette and 13 of the finest bros to your favorite city and mine.  I’d be remiss if I couldn’t share their misadventures.  Anyway, as a departure from my normal diaries, here’s the breakdown of the whole ordeal, from start to finish.  Pour yourself a glass of white wine (the only way to read a Bachelorette recap) and dig in.

8:00PM – We start as many reality shows do – with a preview of what’s to come, and a recap of everything we’ve already seen.  There are 13 men left, and if they get roses we see them next week, and if they don’t, they have to leave.  You still following me?  Do you need me to repeat this?  No?  Good, let’s move on.

(Side note: the Bachelorette shows random tweets along the bottom of the screen from fans and former Bachelors/Bachelorettes.  There are fairly distracting, and I won’t be commenting on them.  However, there is a tweet in the beginning from Arie, one of my favorite suitors for Bachelorette Emily last season.  In it, he bashes New Jersey!  And that dude is from Arizona!  Only Jersey bros can bash Jersey!  Shame on you, Arie, you are dead to me).

Anyway, upon learning they are going to Atlantic City, the boys reach the level of excitement they are contractually obligated to meet.  The next two hours will be a shameless tourism commercial for my dying city, and these dudes sell it with all the muster 13 fame-whores can muster.  The most excited is Mikey T., a meathead who reminds me of Jersey Shore Ronnie’s drunken uncle.  He will henceforth be known as Drunken Ronnie Uncle Bro.

Bachelorette Desiree says in the most strained voice that she is “very excited to be there.”  The Atlantic City tourism board may be regretting the money they paid for this.  A bro named Kasey (to be called Hashtag Bro for his tendency to speak using the word “hashtag”) declares it “Las Vegas on the ocean.”  Hashtag I wish.

After the boys arrive, they receive the first date card.  Some random guy named Brad gets it.  I’ve been watching the show all season, and I don’t know who Brad is.  Apparently, neither do the other bros, as he is described as the quietest bro in the house.  By the way the other guys describe him, his odds of coming back from this date with a rose look worse than hitting a hard 10.

Desiree and Brad Bro walk the boardwalk, go on some rides, and eat some taffy that is cut to fit the mouth.  Meanwhile, Zak W. (aka Shirtless Bro) is glaring down on them from a suite in the Revel.  He wrings his hands and fumes in anger.  I worry about Shirtless Bro. Commercial!

8:11 – And we’re back!  Brad Bro and Desiree go to a sandcastle, and Brad lays down what he wants in a relationship, which is, quote, “nothing specific” and a “great mom.”  Glad we cleared that up, Brad Bro.

They go to dinner at a lighthouse, and Brad Bro turns up the charm by saying he hates people who “can’t be serious.”  Yeah, doesn’t laughing suck?  He spends more time examining his food during the date than talking to Desiree, and has difficulty describing the rides they went on that day.  So Desiree brings him up to the top of the lighthouse and gives him the old “It’s been a lot of fun” speech.  And Brad Bro hits the road.  That’s one less name to try to remember.  For some reason, Brad Bro cries in his goodbye interview.  I guess he truly hates not being serious.

8:23 – Now it’s time for the group date.  Eleven bros head to Boardwalk Hall to compete in a Mr. America contest/commercial for the Miss America pageant (coming to Atlantic City on September 15th – get your tickets today!).  On the way over, Shirtless Bro seems to be falling hard for Desiree, calling her a “shining light.”  Brooks, one of the more likeable bros, compares her to a “unicorn.”  Brooks always seems stoned, so I’ll be calling him Stoner Bro.  Michael G., however, is easily the deepest-in-the-closet bro, so I’ll simplify his name to Closet Bro.  Upon learning he will be in the Mr. America contest, he proclaims that he has dreamed of being Mr. America since he was a kid.  My girlfriend remarks, “He’s kidding, right?  He’s kidding?  He’s got to be kidding.  He’s kidding?”

The bros have to grab random props for the talent show.  A Latin hearthrob named Juan Pablo goes to work with a baton (Juan Pablo shall be called Hermano, FYI).  Juan Pablo has a Tony Parker-esque creep quality about him, in that you don’t want him within thirty yards of your girlfriend.  As my girlfriend said, “He’s the type of guy you fuck before you get into a serious relationship.”  Chris, the funny one who reminds my girlfriend of me (aka Rory Bro) immediately puts on high heels and prances about.

8:33 – We’re back into the Mr. America pageant.  The bros stress how embarrassing this will be to them.  For those new to the show, the bros complain about being embarrassed by every group date, whether it be being in a rap video, pretending to be cowboys, or playing dodgeball.  Basically, if they have to wear shorts, it is the most emasculating event of their lives.

They begin by asking the bros Miss America style questions.  Would you rather be fire or water?  The bro answers fire, but I would’ve answered water – you gotta make the girl wet (hey now!).  Stoner Bro gets a question about which animal he’d be, and without hesitation answers “Lion – he’s the king of the jungle!”  Rory Bro reminds me of me, by overly explaining his answer to comedic effect.  Drunken Ronnie Uncle Bro goes on an epic rant about how women don’t respect men’s feelings.  Good show, Drunken Ronnie Uncle Bro!

Next, they move on to the talent show.  Hashtag Bro does a terrible tap dancing routine, which Stoner Bro declares as “genius.”  Stoner Bro follows up the performance by singing a song on a ukulele, then smashing said ukulele.  Shirtless Bro seems surprisingly competent, with limited guitar skills yet a surprisingly strong singing voice.  Stoner Bro finishes in third, Shirtless Bro in second, and Hashtag Bro takes the top prize.

8:47 – After a tough day for the bros (especially tough for Closet Bro, who saw his childhood dream crushed), they hit a pool in Revel (which did not quite look like the pool I went to, but whatever).  The bros make several romantic overtures to woo Desiree for a much-coveted rose.  Rory Bro shares his poetry, while Bryden (aka Army Bro) uses his time to bitch about Ben (too many B-names!  This guy is Dad Bro, because he brought out his son in the first episode).  The producers have been trying to paint Dad Bro as the villain all season, and it seems like a stretch – all he does is talk to Desiree, and the other bros immediately get mad at him.

Shirtless Bro decides to use his time to continue his song from the Mr. America pageant.  It is a cringe-worthy scene that reminded me of Nick Andopolis singing “Lady L” to Lindsey Weir (how’s that reference for you?  I do watch good TV shows, too!).  However, this works for Shirtless Bro, and he comes away with the rose for the group date.

9:00 – After walking around in a robe and drawing himself a bubble bath, our final bro, James, is ready for his one-on-one date.  James shall henceforth be known as Nice Ronnie Bro, for he seems like the Nice Ronnie that Sammy Sweetheart and America fell in love with.  Here, however, the episode takes a serious tone.  Instead of a crazy, over-the-top date, they decide to tour the ravaged coast of post-Sandy New Jersey.  The latter half of the episode becomes an advertisement to help Sandy victims — not that I’m against this by any stretch of the imagination (my mom was displaced by Sandy, and finally moved back into her home last weekend after 7 months away), but it put a damper on the lightheartedness that comes along with every Bachelorette episode.  Oh well, it is nothing more white wine can’t solve.

9:09 – Nice Ronnie Bro and Desiree meet up with an old couple in Seaside, and “generously” give up their Atlantic City date to them.  Yes, what better place to send a couple that has lost everything than to a city whose mission statement is to make people lose everything.

9:20 – Instead of going to the Revel, where all the bros and previous dates were, the old couple is sent to the Showboat, so apparently the Bachelorette didn’t want to spoil these Sandy victims too much.  In a show with tons of fake, manufactured romance, however, we are actually treated to see two people in love, eating in an undisclosed location in Showboat.

Meanwhile, Nice Ronnie Bro and Desiree are getting pizza in the most upscale dive bar in Seaside Heights.  They share an awkward kiss, Nice Ronnie Bro describes the mortal sin of cheating on his girlfriend when he was a freshman in college, but proclaims he is ready for commitment.  Desiree is engrossed in Nice Ronnie Bro, for some reason.

9:30 – We go back to our favorite old couple in Showboat.  It is a sentimental date, but I’m kind of itching to see them do what all lovers in Atlantic City do – play slot machines for 12 hours.  Eventually, they are treated to a private concert by Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish.  You have to love that Hootie became the most popular African-American country singer of his generation.  Nice Ronnie Bro and Desiree barge in on the date, and start making out in front of the old couple.  Nice Ronnie Bro earns the rose, and you are reminded that you should be giving to the Red Cross, you cheap bastard.

9:40 – Now, it is time for the Bachelorette staple – the rose ceremony.  Before there is a cocktail party, where the bros make their final statement to try to stay on until next week.  Army Bro feels doubtful about the process, and I can’t imagine why – everyone knows true love is only formed on reality TV!  He tries escape, but Desiree’s eyes bring him back in, and he’s around for another week.  Closet Bro’s overly-romantic overture is to spell out things that he loves about Desiree using all the letters in her name.  She is slightly impressed and slightly confused, and they share an incredibly awkward kiss.  Rory Bro gets her to pinky swear that they’ll be friends forever – a total Rory move.

9:51 – The roses are given out.  In order: Rory Bro, Stoner Bro, Hermano, Drew (aka Arizona Bro, since they always have a bro from Arizona on this show), Closet Bro, Dad Bro, Hashtag Bro, Army Bro, and Drunken Ronnie Uncle Bro.  The poor bro eliminated?  Some guy named Zak (not to be confused with Shirtless Bro aka other Zak).  I didn’t know he was on the show.  This Zak takes about 20 minutes to go down the escalators in Revel, attempts to cry, and makes a forgettable disappearance into obscurity.  Thanks for playing.

This concludes my first, and most likely last, Bachelorette recap.  I hope you all enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed watching it.  And by that, I mean, I hope you drank a lot and feel slightly worse about yourself.

It happens in every sport. From Peyton and Brady to Rodgers and Brees. From Jeter and A-Rod to Hamilton and Trout. These radical paradigm shifts don’t occur often but when they do, it happens quickly. Sometimes, like in the me-first NBA of the late 90’s, things go completely haywire and the quality of the product suffers. Luckily for us, this new crop of Challenge competitors has everything it takes to make this season one of the most memorable.

Gone are veterans like the beast CT and Paula Walnuts. In their place are perhaps the biggest collection of  rabble-rousers, miscreants, alcoholics, and skanks the world has ever seen in the most luxurious Challenge house ever. Battle of the Seasons is like a gourmet dish where all the ingredients perfectly create the ultimate taste. That makes TJ Lavin the Emeril Lagasse of it all. BAM! I can already smell the pungent aroma from the kitchen. It smells like semen and vomit—delicious! And of course, this season has the largest prize in Challenge history: four pairs of Dr. Dre headphones! Buckle you seat belts. This is going to be a bumpy ride and we don’t have a designated driver.

8. Austin
Wes was the only real veteran superstar invited to do Battle of the Seasons and he’s gone already. That’s right, there’s a new ginger sheriff in town and his name is Big Easy. Now you know things are changing. Poor form by Wes taking shots at him after losing. And what was up with his bizarre meeting after the Austin team was put up for elimination? Wes’s schtick is getting old. I was also looking forward to some Lacey. Her comment about Frank and Zach kissing penises was easily the best of the show. Despite the fact that she may have been the least athletic competitor in the history of the show, she ended up going in the HALL BRAWL elimination, and got rolled. Nice strategy. That leaves things up to Danny and Melinda (who somehow still keeps getting hotter). Did I mention that they’re divorced? Good luck with that.

7. San Diego
I didn’t watch the San Diego season because the roommates seemed appalling. Here’s what I learned about them from this episode. Frank and Taylor Kitsch are sometimes lovers. Frank may have a tiny drinking/anger problem. Ashley is hot. Sam has big boobs for a dude. Why couldn’t the Hollywood cast get back together? RIP Joey.

This Frank guy might actually be the wildest competitor we’ve ever seen. I’m sure he’s going to get kicked off or punched in the face within a week or two, but the dude really stirs shit up.

6. St. Thomas
Oh, how I missed these lovable kids ever since their show ended last week. You know this team has no chance to win with a genius like Trey as its spokesman. He’s going to pledge his loyalty to two different teams, get one of them pregnant, maintain his alliance with the other one and then awkwardly break it off. Also, isn’t it weird that Marie and Robb are still dating on the show even though we know it didn’t work out eventually? It’s like going back in a reality TV DeLorean. It also appears that Marie’s training has consisted of drinking Long Island iced teas.

The one advantage St. Thomas has is that none of the other teams have seen their show because The Challenge was filmed before their season aired. Nobody knows that Trey isn’t exactly a Rhodes scholar and Robb enjoys punching himself in the face. Let’s hope they find out soon.

5. Fresh Meat
The Fresh Meat crew had the most inauspicious surprise entrance since the Shockmaster. When TJ announced another team would be joining them, I assumed it would be an all-star lineup of Johnny Bananas, Mr. Beautiful, Jenn with 2 n’s, and Laurel, or something close. Instead, we get Big Easy? Brandon? Not mince meat but not exactly worthy of a special introduction.

The big man helped his team to victory but let’s be clear, he is going to cost them the money at some point. He is the Washington Generals of The Challenge. I know he lost 70 pounds. I know he said this is the start of a new day. But unless every elimination involves running over an opponent in a makeshift hallway, it’s not going to end well. I will continue to enjoy watching him fall off very high ledges, though. I can’t get enough of it. Also, watch for Cara freakouts. She already tried bailing on the elimination. Without Abram around to guide her, she’s a lost girl.

4. Brooklyn
The Brooklynites don’t get along very well, but Chet the Bow Tie-Wearing Mormon and especially Sarah have extensive Challenge experience, which will serve them well. This team flew under the radar, but Devyn is a huge drag. They would be better off without her and going streamlined with Sarah and Chet/JD. Bonus points for Sarah going blonde.

3. New Orleans
Really nice to see these kids again. I thought there was a lot of Challenge potential in the cast and now we’re finally going to see it unleashed. Jemmye looks like she has been enjoying her time on the bayou, especially the gumbo and bourbon. I’m sure her broken relationship with Knight will become an issue at some point, and by issue, I mean shitstorm.

Preston came through in the DON’T CROSS ME challenge but he is going to be a huge liability. I can see him getting eliminated and saying something into the camera like, “I may have lost but I proved to myself that I belong.” That don’t get you Dr. Dre headphones, homey. If lounging in a bikini on a ledge was an event, McKenzie would win five pairs of Dr. Dre headphones. This team may be the least physically imposing but most entertaining.

2. Las Vegas
Where is Roy Lee? Where is Mike Mike? As a consolation prize, we get Trishelle fresh off her runs as a pro poker player and wrestler. Hey, do what you know best, right? She’s still looking good. Along with Nany, Las Vegas has the hottest pair of chicks of any team. Two very diverse girls as well. Martin Luther King would be proud. Alton seems to have a secret admirer in Jasmine but if he’s smart, he’ll stay away.

And then there’s Dustin. Oh, Dustin. He revealed that he and Heather had a cute little roadtrip across the country before moving into the Frat Pad [NSFW!!!] together but why do I feel like he’s going to be making out with Frank at some point in the game?

1. Cancun
I loved the way this team played the game. They won the first challenge and instead of stepping softly and playing politics, they went right after the top conspirator, Wes, and eliminated him. It doesn’t hurt that Wes burned CJ during their last Challenge together, either. LMFAO would be so proud. I’m a little nervous about the females on this squad. Jasmine has always been a loose cannon, and the way Jonna dumped her guy back home was brutal. At some point, one of the two and hopefully both will be in someone’s face yelling and clapping their hands inches away from their rival’s eyes. Can’t make noise like that if you want to get through this game unscathed.

I’m not sure anyone anyone just utterly destroyed a song like Jessica Pare did last night on Mad Men. As Don’s new wife, Megan, the highlight of the surprise birthday party she threw for him was unquestionably this sexy rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou. Now I know why French guys are so horny all the time. But wait……..there’s more! Like 20 minutes later, she’s cleaning the carpet in a black bra and panties and having hateful sex on the floor. It was like Johnny Vander Meer throwing no-hitters in back-to-back games and it was only the first episode. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Throwback: 21 Jump Street

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Jump! Down on Jump Street!

If you never heard of 21 Jump Street, what type of TV show does it look like from the opening credits? Judging from the music, I would think it’s a 80’s high school comedy, a Summer School for the small screen if you will. However, it was apparently a teen crime drama that took itself a little too seriously and centered around police officers going undercover in high schools. I say apparently because who under the age of 30 has actually seen an episode?

I did see the movie remake starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, though, and it was exceptional. They remade it similarly to the Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson Starsky & Hutch. The premise hasn’t changed but the tone is way more tongue in cheek. Channing Tatum gets by on his good looks more than anything but Jonah Hill is phenomenal. The movie makes fun of everybody, from moms to black people, and is extremely politically incorrect. But it’s still smart humor. I honestly don’t know that I ever laughed as much throughout an entire movie that had a legitimately solid plot than during 21 Jump Street. Ice Cube was great too as the guys’ scene-stealing boss. It’s perfect for date night if your date is a degenerate, but then again if you’re in The Suite that’s probably the type of person you’re dating.

How Long Did This Take?

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Do it, Rockapella.

Jabroni of the Week: Snooki

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Snooki has the best job in the world. She gets paid an untold fortune for drinking, acting like an idiot, and talking about herself. Most of us do the same things for free. She could literally hold MTV hostage because the ratings for anything she does are so high. From Jersey Shore a spinoff featuring her and JWoww was being ready to be filmed in Jersey City. There was pretty much nothing Snooki could do to fuck up her career because her career was all about getting fucked up. Nothing besides getting pregnant.

You can’t get fucked up if you’re pregnant. You can’t get too fucked up once you have a kid. I’m sure there’s going to be a show called Snooki & Pregnant but MTV would really, really be stretching the limits of good taste. Surprisingly, some of us who watch Jersey Shore have standards. I don’t mind seeing Snooki do cartwheels with her thong hanging out. I don’t mind seeing Ronnie one shot guidos who give him a dirty look. I don’t mind the MVP kids continuously objectifying and mistreating chicks. But once a kid is involved, it’s not fair to drag him or her into this herpes-riddled mess.

How does Jionni let this happen? The kid fell into a goldmine. Sure, he has to bang Snooki but it’s a small price to pay to come along for the ride. Don’t think he doesn’t get a nice paycheck every time he pops up on the show. He has to do even less work than she does. If he gets into an argument with her once or twice a season, he’s done his job. Now he has to deal with a pregnant Snooki. Can you imagine what she’s going to be like when she’s pregnant or when she’s a mom? The smart play was to put up with this for a few years, bank some money, and have fun going places and getting comped because your girlfriend is a TV star. Not a bad life for your early 20’s. Now Jionni is going to have to deal with Snooki for 18 years. I thought he was supposed to be the conservative one. Shouldn’t he have been wearing two condoms at a time, even if she was infertile? Either that or dissolve extra birth control in her morning vodka.

Snooks, babe, I really hope you’ve been managing your money well. Forget about appearing at nightclubs or Wrestlemania anymore. You made more out of your life than should have been humanly possible. It really is a condemnation of our world as a whole, but hey, I can’t blame you for taking advantage of society’s ills. Remember what the MKS tells you before you go for #2, though. Always make the guy pull out or let him put it in your ass. If the most important rule at the Jersey Shore is never fall in love, surely this is next. May God have mercy on your baby’s soul. Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.

When you’re in la Republica Dominicana (or as our competitors call it “Dominicana Republica”) and you end up at a place called Club Oh No with 14 of the most debauched people in the world, you know you’re going to see fireworks. It might not have been on the same level as Vinny’s sexual assault on Mandi but Camila’s magical outburst did not disappoint. The fiery Brazilian wanted more attention from Johnny Bananas, so she proceeded to attempt to hook up with any local she could get her hands on.

When it was time to go home and Camila was basically dragged out of Club Oh No by her weary roommates, she did the most logical thing: she lay in wait in Johnny’s bed. Señor Bananas needs his beauty sleep so he sent some female lackeys to handle his partner. SHE DID NOT TAKE IT WELL. Needless to say, Jasmine would have been damn proud of Camila’s chair smashing. Finally, after getting so heated, she decided to cool off in the pool fully clothed. Just another night in the Challenge house.

ELIMINATED-Abram & Cara Maria (Last week: 6)
After proposing to Abram that they move in together, Cara Maria broke the maniac’s heart by changing her mind and deciding she wanted to wait a year for financial reasons. Hey Cara, if you need money you shouldn’t crush your partner before you’re about to compete in an elimination on a reality show in which you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars. Either that, or make a sex tape. So it’s time for this wacky couple to head home and my dream of mid-Challenge sex has to wait another season.

6. Rachel & Aneesa (LW: 5)
Team Ellen made nice with Mark and Robin after all the mud-slinging last week, but I can’t believe that their reborn friendship is too strong. I’m actually really upset their hasn’t been more lesbian action this season. Although Rachel is smoking hot and a physical force amongst the ladies in the competitions, I just can’t have this team higher unless she makes out with someone. Ball’s in your court, Rach!

5. Dunbar & Paula Walnuts (LW: 4)
Again, it’s Paula to the rescue jumping into the pool in her non-matching underwear to rescue Camila. While not imposing at first sight, this team has done a great job at staying under-the-radar. They’re also getting along fairly well now, even calling each other “baby,” which a lot of the teams seem to be doing and is by far my favorite trend of the season. As long as this team doesn’t self-destruct, there’s a good chance they could make the Finals. With that said, I don’t like where Paula’s relationship with Ty is going. Any potential alliance with another group could make them a target of the Johnnys of the world, and the last thing Paula needs is for her emotions to get in the way of this wonderful game she’s playing. And I can’t believe I just said that.

4. Johnny Bananas & Camila (LW: 1)
Finally cracks are starting to emerge in what appeared to be the most stable team. Here’s what I don’t understand. Camila is a pretty cute girl. All Johnny needs to do is put it in her and she’ll be happy. Why won’t you satisfy this poor Brazilian girl, Johnny? There’s nothing hotter than banging a crying demon-girl with makeup smeared all over her face. As a handsome guy myself with great hair and awesome customized T-shirts, we attract a certain type of crazy chick. However, I’ve never been paired with one in an attempt to win cash and Dr. Dre headphones. A real man takes Camila into the baño at Club Oh No and takes care of his teammate. I’m pretty sure that’s what LeBron and D-Wade do at Mansion. Instead, Johnny hurls insults as Camila’s boobs are popping out in the pool. I guess Johnny has a right to be upset since she’s putting his “livelihood in jeopardy.” Hey, I’d be mad too if I might have to get a real job.

3. Ty & Emily (LW: 2)
This might be the only pairing where the dude is a liability. Emily is kicking ass and looking hot but Ty can’t seem to put a sentence together to explain why they shouldn’t keep going into the Dome. NEWS FLASH: the Power Couple usually throws in a couple they don’t like into the Dome. I was worried that Ty might run out of gas against Abram but he managed to put 30 seconds of physical exertion together, which is a new record for him. By the way, the over/under for how long he could last in bed with Paula is 20 seconds. The real tragedy of Battle of the Exes is that Laurel isn’t involved. She’s the only one that’s on Emily’s level when it comes to athleticism/bitchiness. Let’s hope they give me dome sometime, I mean, get in the Dome sometime.

2. CT & Diem (LW: 3)
CT, I beg you. Just put somebody through a wall. I can’t take any more of this lovelorn puppydog crap. I’ve also never seen anyone as bitchy as Diem is to CT during the Challenges when all he’s trying to do is help her. Sorry that he’s yelling “JUMP!” in his outdoor voice, honey. This isn’t Silent Library. CT’s insane strength still gives this team a huge advantage.

1. Mark & Robin (LW: 7)
We’ve reached the point in the season where there are no bad teams left and a good week could put a team on the brink back on top. That’s what happened with Mark and Robin. Old Man Mark absolutely destroyed the DON’T ROCK THE BOAT Challenge. Of course, Robin would get mad at me over that last sentence so let’s just say that they both did a great job. Robin’s jealously is definitely a giant X-factor for this team and a big reason why that although they might be the favorites today, they could easily be sent packing next week.

Last week’s rankings